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Standing strong in the chemical industry, and foremost among most prominent companies, we are, Hubei Bioche Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., a high functioning manufacturer of finest chemicals. Ethyl Succinyl Chloride, Palmitoyl Chloride, Alanyl Glutamine, Alanyl Glutaimine, and Cyclopropane Carbonyl Chloride, are a mere glimpse of products that we make available in our portfolio. We are currently moving forward at an impeccable pace, and achieving milestones on a regular basis by presenting the best quality products along with benefiting the customers. We give great importance to the quality of our products. It is indeed a critical element behind satisfaction of customers. As we serve better quality products, we succeed at retaining our clients. Whenever we introduce ourselves to customers, we emphasize on earning their trust because once they rely to avail from us, then only we will prove that why we are considered the best by many.

About Our Team

Strong company is created by a strong team. The credit of our strength, capability and success goes to the personnel who work with us. Owing to these individuals we are able to meet needs of clients on a global level and managed to stay ahead of every competitive entity. Personnel working in every unit adheres strictly to the international norms of quality. The skill set of our employees is remarkable because we hire highly qualified and experienced personnel along with which we provide sufficient training to them. We marvel at our works because these individuals work with their heart and mind to achieve greatly for us. Some attributes of our employees that we always cherish are:-
  • They never compromise the quality of product
  • Every work we allocate to them is completed prior to deadline
  • These experts innovate new methods of work and improve accordingly
Manufacturing Facility

The element that gives us the ability to prove ourselves distinct is undoubtedly our Manufacturing Unit. Owing to this facility, which we maintain in a sophisticated manner, we take leaps of success in this densely competitive market. We ensure to maintain our Chemicals Reaction Tank, Steamer, Vaporator, Dryer, Crystallizer, Packing Machine, etc., in an advanced manner and always add more to this unit so as to increase our ability to highly produce best quality products.